Family Reunions

Arowhon has been the site of many family celebrations and it continues to be a place where lasting memories are made. Share the rustic beauty of Arowhon by hiking, swimming, picnicking, canoeing along the lake, or simply chatting on the deck beneath the stars. Many families gather here by booking an eight or twelve bedroom cabin all to themselves. Whether your family is large or small, our relaxed accommodations include a perfect fit to bring you together. 

Three Generational Family Trips 


Algonquin holds a special place in the hearts of many. Perhaps you came as a couple exploring the Park. Later you brought your children and taught them the importance of connecting with nature. Today your grandchildren are growing fast.

Don’t postpone it for another year - Arowhon can help you plan a fun and stress free family get together.

We’ll take care of the sleeping arrangements and provide a feast of meals three times a day. We can organize family canoe trips, relaxing walks and hiking expeditions, pontoon boat rides, cocktails on the deck in the afternoon and nightly bonfires under the stars.

We’ve also been known to chip in at family talent shows, help with sack races in the meadow, hide Smarties for scavenger hunts, and we put on a mean ping pong tournament!

We would be happy (and honoured) to host your family trip this summer. 

Open May 31 - October 13, 2019