Start your day on the dock and watch the morning mists along the lake. Plunge yourself into the lake waters and stretch out your limbs with a swim.

Paddle a canoe on a day trip and explore a series of lakes, streams and narrows, with names like Lost Joe Lake, Burnt Island and Tom Thomson. First timers can receive basic canoe instruction.

Slow down and watch the natural beauty unfold from your kayak and relax in a sailboat as the winds carry you through the afternoon.

Try our Stand Up Paddle Boards for a new way to see Little Joe Lake.


Day Trips by Canoe



From Arowhon Pines, the paddle south on Joe Lake to Gibraltar takes about half an hour. Beach your canoe, hike to the top for a beautiful view – it's well worth the climb!


Canoe Lake

From Gibraltar, paddle south and under a bridge to the Joe Lake Dam – be careful of the current. You may swim & relax at the campsite by the dam before making the short portage into Canoe Lake. There is a mystery & legend surrounding the final resting place of Tom Thomson (1877-1917), one of Canada’s renowned landscape artists, who died in Algonquin Park in 1917 under suspicious circumstances. A Cairn dedicated to him lies atop a hill overlooking Canoe Lake, about a 45-minute paddle from the dam. Stay to the left hand shore line to find a small wooden dock. Climb the trail for a spectacular view of the lake and what is reported to be Tom Thomson’s favorite camp spot.


Little Doe and Tom Thomson Lakes

Turn right from Gibraltar point and go north, through Fawn Lake into Little Doe Lake. The entrance to Tom Thomson Lake is a little difficult to find – it’s a winding narrow creek on the left shore. You may have to pull your canoe over a beaver dam to reach this quiet, secluded and magnificent lake.


Burnt Island Lake

The portage (3/4 mile/1.2 km)) to Burnt Island Lake is at the east end of Little Doe Lake – it is well marked. It takes about an hour to paddle and cross two short portages through Baby Joe Lake & down a creek to Little Joe Lake and Arowhon Pines. Please don’t attempt to shoot the rapids – you might destroy the boat and miss dinner! 


Open: June 25 - October 11, 2021