The rich terrain of Algonquin Park is yours to explore in a variety of ways. Sit back and take in the natural kaleidoscope of colour from your deck chair, or delve into the landscape through a multitude of hiking and walking trails.

Arowhon offers trails adjacent to the property and there are 16 spectacular Park trails to explore as well. 

Push your physical limits by bicycle and explore the Park mountain bike trails.

There are old railway roads to follow, the remnants of an old mill to find and the unmarked grave of Tom Thompson to visit- and more. Or just ramble through a symphony of stillness.

Orange Trail

The Trail meanders through the woods along the east shore of Joe Lake. There are many large rock outcroppings, with a variety of mosses, and lovely places to sit overlooking the lake.

There is a shorter loop back to Arowhon about half way down the trail that is marked with a sign. The round trip is about 2 miles and takes roughly 1.5 hours.The longer loop skirts a large swamp and goes all the way to the old abandoned railway track.

There are some steep inclines. Turn left to return to the Arowhon Road. This route is approximately 6 miles and takes about 3 hours.

Yellow Trail

This is a fairly hilly walk through a hardwood forest around the Little Joe Lake bay to a small creek. There is a great view of the Pines from the edge of the lake. Start from the woodpile; approximately 20 minutes each way.

White Trail

A continuation of the yellow trail (markers change colour just beyond the creek.) It is level walking up to another creek at the south end of Baby Joe Lake. It takes half and hour each way to this point. The trail loops back along the river shore where there are nice places to sit along the bank.

Red Trail

This is a popular trail that winds through an area that was logged 75 years ago. There is a clearing in the middle of the trail that was once a logging camp. Follow the red markers to the old abandoned railway track; then turn right back to Arowhon Road. Another right takes you back to Arowhon Pines. This is not a difficult trail to walk. The 7 mile round trip takes about 3 hours. You can also join the Mizzy Lake Trail from the railway track.