Seasoned and budding naturalists alike look forward to catching of glimpse of Algonquin’s legendary wildlife. You don’t have to roam far to see a sample of the wild animals that call the Park home. There are over 40 mammals, over 30 kinds of reptiles and amphibians (none are venomous), and more than 130 breeding birds.  

Highway 60 is a great place to start – the Park tells us that more wildlife is seen each year right along the highway than in the backcountry. Some wildlife viewing tips, courtesy of  

  1. Go out in the evening or, better still, at dawn and the two or three hours which follow. Early morning is the best time to see birds and mammals; it is the coolest, most beautiful part of the day and one which you will have almost entirely to yourself, even when the Park is full.  
  2. Take binoculars. They are indispensable when looking at birds but are useful also for getting close-up views of large mammals.  
  3. Concentrate on low-lying, wet areas such as bogs, ponds, and beaver meadows. These places are the preferred habitat of many wildlife species and they often provide open vistas or breaks in the thick forest making for excellent wildlife viewing.  
  4. Be careful! If you stop to watch wildlife along the highway, remember to pull onto the shoulder, safely off the pavement. Watch for traffic especially if crossing the road! And remember that you are viewing wild animals; stay at a respectful distance at all times!