Our New Website is Up!

Posted by Theresa on July 05, 2013

We hope that you're enjoying our new website, a long time coming! 

We're very excited and would love to hear from you with any comments, feedback, etc!


Hi Theresa,
The website is beautiful! It's easy to use and informative. Your gorgeous pictures are so classic and remind me of our years of Arowhon vacations with this one coming up being our 4th! We are so looking forward to being at Arowhon soon. Packing has started!
Posted by Susan Hersey on
The website is not only great to look at but is very up to date and easy to navigate. So glad we are booked for a week the end of July. Your new logo is fabulous. Hope you have this on some T shirts and sweaters for purchase.
Posted by Barry Schwartz on
The website looks wonderful. Even though I have already had my Arowhon stay this year (back on the second weekend after opening), I still visit the site now and then to remind myself of a quiet and beautiful place. Good pictures!
Posted by Catherine Bailey on
What a lovely surprise to discover your new beautiful website.
I often visit your site when I dream of Algonquin and when I want to hear the cry of the loon! Can you please bring it back?
I was a camper and a staff member at Wapomeo for over a decade and your lodge was our favourite spot to have lunch. My parents always stayed at the lodge when they visited my sister and I at camp.
Hopefully my husband and I will visit soon!
Posted by Anouk Cree on
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