Enter Algonquin Outfitters' Paddle Art Contest

Posted by Arowhon Friends on July 20, 2016


Algonquin Outfitters is hoping to have 100 paddles created for Tom Thomson’s 100th anniversary (did you know that Tom’s paddle was never found?).

To enter the contest all you have to do is visit an Algonquin Outfitters store (paddles will eventually be available at all of our stores but right now they are already available in Huntsville and Oxtongue lake.) There’s a $25 entry fee which includes either an unfinished paddle blank or a rough paddle blank (for carving).

It’s your job to create something unique. It’s not limited to painting, you could burn an image or design into the paddle, or carve it into something unique it’s totally up to you!

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Our Tom Thomson Paddle Art Contest is off to a great start, we already have over 200 people registered with their paddles. I just wanted to stay a big thank you to the Arowhon Friends for creating this post about our contest.

We have a $650 Canoe trip, A $190 Badger Paddle of your choice and a $250 Gift Certificate from Northern Art Supplies as prizes already and are seeking even more great prizes for our auction winners next fall.

Can't wait to see all the creative results as the come back for the Auction on Sept 29th 2017.

~ Randy
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