Arowhon Pines, Spring Fever

Posted by Arowhon Friends on May 16, 2015



May 2015

What a difference a week makes! All the ice is finally out (April 29), the sun is warm, there are buds on the trees and the loons are back. The ferns and fiddleheads are popping. This year we open for lunch on Friday, May 29th! We’re eager to show you what we’ve been up to all winter long. Have you booked your room by the lake? Spring rates are $ 210 per person per night (double occupancy) inclusive of three meals per day and all facilities, up to June 25. In the spring, the wildlife viewing is best and for most of the time, you’ll have the trails and lakes to yourselves. Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely, Theresa, David and Adam



Chocolate Love

In April, we signed up our baker, Heather Mordue, for some hands-on training with some master chocolatiers in northern Italy - in Torino, the capital of the Piemonte region, and on the shores of Lake Como. We’re anxious and excited to see what comes from her studies – we’ll be testing them this spring! (Well, someone has to do it!). READ ABOUT Heather’s course and travels…



The Loon in Algonquin Park

The Common Loon is the iconic symbol of Algonquin Park. Even if you don’t see one, you’ll hear their incredible sounds every night on Little Joe Lake. Do you know the different calls and what they each mean? CLICK BELOW to hear them!

THE HOOT is used as a contact call as birds approach one another.
THE TREMOLO signals distress and may urge loons to move to safety.
THE YODEL is used in territorial disputes, essentially stating to any loons close by - "This is our territory!"
And THE WAIL indicates a willingness to interact and is used to reestablish contact between individuals when they have been separated.
For more detailed information on the Common Loon,

The loons arrived on Little Joe Lake a few weeks ago when the ice wasn’t even out yet. Word must be out that there are nice people here, and the food is good! We say, welcome back!


Congratulations Alexandra F, the winner of the Spring Weekend for Two contest.  CLICK HERE to see the answers to the quiz.




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Chef Cooke Goes Back to School

Posted by Arowhon Friends on May 8, 2015


After 38 years of standing in kitchens, I am enjoying a semester at Algonquin College in Ottawa, teaching Cooking Class 080. The students and I, we started in January, have cooked lunch together every Monday and Friday, at Restaurant International at the Woodroffe campus.

For many of these students, this is their first time in a professional kitchen and their first practical semester! It has been great fun watching the progress made. Each service is better than the one before, and I feel proud that some of the knowledge I have managed to pass on will help these students thrive in a trade that has always been good to me – and employs thousands of new cooks every year.

I’ve also learned the importance of patience and clear communication – and by teaching, I will become a better chef myself!

The snow is starting to melt, and the kitchen renovations have gotten to the point where the vision is reality, and I can't wait to see it humming with action.

See you soon!


David Cooke


Winner of the 3rd Annual "Win a Weekend for Two" Contest

Posted by Arowhon Friends on May 1, 2015

Congratulations Alexandra F. from Toronto - the winner of our contest for a Spring Weekend for Two! Below are the correct answers to the contest.

We know that the contest was especially difficult this year and would like to thank everyone who participated – we hope it was a fun learning experience!

To reward all of those who correctly identified all but did not win, you can look forward to hearing from us for a 20 percent discount on any spring dates (May 29 to June 25) – a great deal on top of our already low spring rates. 

Thanks so much!



Image #1 - Arctic Skipper 


Image #2 - Red-spotted Glyph Moth


Image #3 - Horrid Zale


Image #4 - Red Admiral on Chives


Image #5 - Red Maple Borer Moth


Image #6 - Chocolate  Prominent


Image #7 - Black Arches Caterpillar 


Image #8 - American Dagger Moth Caterpillar


Image #9 - Crab Spider ( Misumena vatia )


Image #10 - Candy-striped Leafhopper


Image #11 - Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 


Image #12 - Coral Fungus



3rd Annual Contest "Win a Spring Weekend for Two at Arowhon Pines"

Posted by Arowhon Friends on April 1, 2015

CLICK HERE to view our newsletter and enter our 3rd Annual Contest "Win a Spring Weekend for Two at Arowhon Pines"!  

Correctly identify the 12 wildlife photographs taken in and around Arowhon and Algonquin by Ann and Brian Gray, and your name will be added to the draw to win a complimentary spring weekend for two at Arowhon Pines between May 29 and June 27, 2015. 

As you may know, new Canadian anti-spam legislation recently came into effect. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to provide your consent so that we can continue to share Arowhon news, recipes and photos. ONLY THOSE GUESTS WHO HAVE CONSENTED WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN!

Contest ends April 30th, 2015.



Meet Artist Eleanor Himel from Port Washington, New York

Posted by Arowhon Friends on March 23, 2015

There are some Arowhon guests who inspire us.

Meet Eleanor Himel from Port Washington, New York.


Her Statement:

The moods and colors of the ocean beaches and bays of Long Island have been a constant source of inspiration. Memories of watching waves cascading onto the shore and then receding are entwined with the scent of salt water and the carefree joy of a dash into the surf. The emotional essence of each locale is reflected in contrasting layers of bright paint.

Time spent in Japan gave me an appreciation for the simplified design that is indigenous to that country. It has affected the way I look at art, architecture and fashion as well.

The parklands of Ontario with their peaceful flat landscapes and giant uninhabited lakes have been a summer destination for years and have also been favorite subjects of my paintings. It is a pleasure to sketch and be enveloped in the stillness of the woods, rocks and shimmering water. The works of Arthur Dove, Milton Avery and the Canadians, Lawren Harris and Jack Bush have helped me to develop my own interpretation of these beloved areas.

Click on images below to enlarge.

Eleanor Himel

Hunter College
New School
Paul Wood Studio of Port Washington

Solo Art Show, “Summerscapes”, Port Washington Public Library Gallery, June 2009
Numerous juried group exhibitions in Connecticut, Long Island and New York City.

Firehouse Plaza Gallery, Garden City, “Abstraction Now”, 2009 – Award of Excellence
Art Guild of Port Washington “Art at the Bank”, spring 2007 – Second Prize.
Long Island Museum, Summer 2005 – First Prize

The Art Guild of Port Washington
New York Artist’s Equity
Manhasset Art Association


Three Generational Family Trips

Posted by Arowhon Friends on March 13, 2015

Algonquin holds a special place in the hearts of many. Perhaps you came as a couple exploring the Park. Later you brought your children and taught them the importance of connecting with nature. Today your grandchildren are growing fast. 

Don’t postpone it for another year - Arowhon can help you plan a fun and stress free family get together.

We’ll take care of the sleeping arrangements and provide a feast of meals three times a day. We can organize family canoe trips, relaxing walks and hiking expeditions, pontoon boat rides, cocktails on the deck in the afternoon and nightly bonfires under the stars.

We’ve also been known to chip in at family talent shows, help with sack races in the meadow, hide Smarties for scavenger hunts, and we put on a mean ping pong tournament!

We would be happy (and honoured) to host your family trip this summer.

A weekend gathering for 16 family members in an 8 Bedroom Cabin this spring (May 29 to June 27) is $ 8,800 – that’s for accommodation, six meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch), all facilities, tax & service charge. In high season, the rate is $12,350 all in. 

P.S. Our American neighbours save about 20 percent more at current dollar exchange rates.



Winter Pictures & Early Signs of Spring

Posted by Arowhon Friends on March 5, 2015

If you were to check the weather report right now for Algonquin Park, you would think that this record breaking winter will never end. In fact, in February, right on time, one of Algonquin’s earlier signs of spring occurred – the gathering of nest material by Gray Jays! We hope that warms you up a little! If not, let’s enjoy the last few months of this cold, arctic, windy, icy, snowy, frosty, frozen weather!

Here are some photos at Arowhon by Francesca Geneau. Click on them to enlarge!

See you in the spring!


Arowhon Adventure: The Canoe Trip

Posted by Arowhon Friends on February 28, 2015

Start your day on the Arowhon dock and watch the morning mist rise up from the lake.

Paddle a canoe on a day trip and explore a series of lakes, streams and narrows, with names like Lost Joe, Burnt Island and Tepee. Follow the shorelines that inspired the paintings of Tom Thomson. Stretch out your limbs with a swim in cool, fresh waters. Enjoy a picnic lunch al fresco at a wilderness campsite – look for loons, a moose or beaver. Slow down and watch the natural beauty unfold from your canoe.


For many guests, a vacation at Arowhon provides the opportunity to experience their first canoe or kayak trip in the wilderness. First timers can receive basic canoe instruction. It’s safe and easy - and a spectacular way to experience nature.

Contact Adam to start your canoe adventure.

Arowhon Pines in Algonquin, CANADA
(416) 483-4393 – Toll Free (1 866) 633-5661


Leave No Trace Canada

Posted by Arowhon Friends on February 11, 2015


Arowhon Pines is now a partner with Leave No Trace Canada.

Leave No Trace Canada is a non-profit organization that strives to promote responsible outdoor recreation.  When we paddle the lakes or hike the trails, Leave No Trace Canada teaches us to be mindful of our presence in nature. We learn how even seemingly harmless actions like tossing an apple core into the woods or getting too close to wildlife can have an impact.

Click below for more information:



Welcome Baby Ella!

Posted by Arowhon Friends on January 29, 2015



Congratulations to Nora and Peter on the birth of their new baby daughter ELLA.

Nora and Peter worked at Arowhon for three years, were married at Arowhon and returned to Germany, their homeland. We miss them very much.  

Thank you for the beautiful photos!