Arowhon Pines is fully booked for the rest of the 2021 season; we are taking bookings for 2022 at this time.

Autumn Guests with Reservations:

Algonquin Park is busy in the fall, especially during the weekends. If you arrive at either the West or East Gate and Algonquin Park has reached capacity, visitors will not be permitted to enter. This absolutely does not affect registered guests of Arowhon Pines. Drive through and do not stop to pay for a permit; we will provide you one upon arrival. Weekend guests should know that Park trails are busy, your favourites might be closed and parking lots full; traffic on Highway 60 is slow and (gasp) you might not make it back for lunch! Enjoy our trails instead that start from our property. If you do venture out, make sure that you bring your park permit and display it on your dashboard. Stay safe.


Season's Greetings 2017

Posted by Arowhon Friends on December 22, 2017




December 2017                                                        Arowhon Pines, Algonquin 

Dear Friends of Arowhon Pines 
We’ve officially left the moose, fox and the grey jays in charge until spring! With temperatures dropping to -25 C and already a foot of snow – it was time to pack it in for the season.

Up to now, we’ve been busy as usual! In addition to our regular closing chores, we’ve tackled some fun and exciting projects. Not to spoil the surprises but … more decks and screened in porches, new/old barn board flooring and bathroom and lounge renovations as well. We promise that all we do will blend with the calm and peace that is Arowhon.

It’s been a full season without Helen who passed away in May, but we still feel her presence everywhere. We have commissioned an artist to help us honour her and Eugene’s memory. It will be an outdoor piece of art amongst the flowers and trees at Arowhon. We hope that it will be ready for spring!

As always we are grateful for each and every one of you. It’s exciting to look at the list of who has already booked for 2018. Thank you for making Arowhon Pines part of your family tradition.

We wish you the best of the season and a healthy, prosperous new year.


Theresa, David and Adam and all of us at Arowhon Pines


Happy Retirement Edwin! edwin-275.jpg
Best wishes go out to a long time maintenance worker, Edwin Fillier, who has worked with us since 2004.

A typical Newfoundlander, he brought with him many skills - plumbing, carpentry, tree cutting, oil changing, trench digging, going under things where spiders lie, roofing, wiring, drinking tea, fire fighting, boat driving and much more! Always in a good mood, always laughing, always reliable – although sometimes we barely understand a word he said!

Long may your Jib draw, Edwin – you’ll be missed.

portrait-o-275.jpgForever in Our Hearts
Gregory Hans Vontobel
1995 – 2017 

2017 was a season that sadly, we will never forget.

A member of our staff, Greg Vontobel, tragically drowned off our staff dock on July 8th, despite our attempts and that of the medical team at Camp Arowhon.

Greg was young and lovely and handsome and bright. Words cannot express our grief. Greg’s mom, Grace and his family will be part of Arowhon forever.

A scholarship has been set up in his name through Algonquin College.

Our staff this year were extraordinary in every way – respectful, kind and generous. We love them and wish them well in all their future endeavours. Hopefully we’ll see some of these smiley faces back in 2018. Enjoy this mish mash of photos from the season …


Mist at Arowhon Pines

Posted by Arowhon Friends on October 9, 2017

Photos by Francesca

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park


Justin Brunelle

Posted by Arowhon Friends on July 25, 2017


Thank you so much for sponsoring our visit last week to your piece of paradise!

I am Justin Brunelle (the director of the Must Do Canada series) and we had a great visit and got some great footage for our episode and the blog. I have my own personal YouTube channel where I film my own personal travel adventures and I filmed an episode at Arowhon Pines and thought I would share it with you.

(Click image to view video.)


Arowhon Aerial Photos

Posted by Arowhon Friends on May 1, 2017

These amazing shots were taken with Adam’s drone on April 21st when the ice was still in the lake. Look at the open water up the creek. Our crew announced the official “ice out” time on Little Joe Lake was Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 around 6:00 pm.

It’s only weeks now until we open!

Enjoy the pictures!


Arowhon Live!

Posted by Arowhon Friends on April 26, 2017


It was great taking part in Liz Beatty’s Native Traveler, a conversation about Algonquin Park.

One segment features Adam’s in-studio interview discussing all things Arowhon Pines! The full show is one hour – it’s lovely and worth hearing!

To listen, click the image below and follow the link:



Moths Found and Photographed

Posted by Arowhon Friends on March 22, 2017

Dear Theresa, 

I have finally had a friend help me to move many GB of photos to my backup storage. This has made it possible to look at some of the Moth Photos I have collected at Arowhon Pines. Here are a few of our Moth photos and an explanation of why we find them so exciting to search for, discover new species, identify, and photograph at Arowhon Pines each year.

We find that visiting Arowhon Pines in the late spring / early summer and again in the autumn each year, has given us the great opportunity to search for Moths each day. On the way to breakfast we always check the lamp posts and the vegetation beneath the lamp posts, since many moths are attracted to the lights at night and are perched there to be discovered in the early morning. Their colours, shapes and patterns are exquisite and we hope that by sharing some of our finds with guests at Arowhon Pines, everyone will be enticed to check the lamp posts for themselves. I am not an expert in Moths and have been helped in the identification process in 2 ways:

1) The Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America by David Beadle and Seabrooke Leckie

2) The website  Look under the Contributor’s Pages for Jason Dombroskie and you will find hundreds of photos taken by Jason when he worked at Algonquin Park over a 10 year period. Dr. Jason Dombroskie is in charge of the Cornell University Insect Collection and the Insect Diagnostic Laboratory. In June 2014, Jason gave a workshop at Algonquin Park and he was hosted by Theresa Pupilin and the Arowhon Team for the evening meal, an evening workshop on the Missy Lake Road,  and as a guest of Arowhon Pines.  

Enjoy the excitement of discovering new moths, insects, butterflies, etc whenever you are a guest at Arowhon Pines. We always do !!!!

Ann and Brian Gray 

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Max Polar Bear

Posted by Arowhon Friends on January 4, 2017

Our friend Max polar bear dipping into Little Joe Lake, December 20th, 2016, Algonquin Park.



Season's Greetings 2016

Posted by Arowhon Friends on December 12, 2016




December 2016                                        Arowhon Pines, Algonquin

Thank you for being guests at Arowhon Pines last summer. We appreciate that a large number of you have already booked for next year! Perhaps it was the glorious weather, Friday night’s venison with risotto or the renovated rooms and new décor that are bringing you back. Or was it just that small yellow post-it note (handwritten with Sharpie pen stuck on the front counter) with the simple message “Have you booked for 2017?” If it was, kudos to our marketing department for that brilliancy! Whatever the reason, thank you again and we look forward to welcoming you back in 20171

In January, we’ll be contacting you to say hello and ask that you confirm your booking for next year with a deposit. For those of you who have not yet picked some dates, we hope to hear from you soon. The suites and the rooms along the lakeshore seem to be going fast, especially during the peak times of the season!

Until then, the best of the holidays to you and your family. Although the summer may seem a long way off, think about Arowhon as your family gathers for the season. Our 8 and 12 Room Cabins are ideal for small family gatherings like a special birthday or anniversary.

Peace and Joy
Sincerely Theresa, David, Adam
And all of us at Arowhon Pines

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S !!



Cabin Update

Bridgewood, our large 12 Room cabin on the lake, is the favourite of many guests. You’ll like it a whole lot better after this winter! As we speak, our carpenters are tearing down the last of the paneling (cause for celebration!), renovating the lounge with a new and brighter design including large front windows, hardwood floor, fans that will help cool in the summer and warm in the fall, and much more. It will still feel cozy with comfortable couches and good lighting for the bookworms.

But…now…brace yourselves… We’ve taken out the bridge from Sherwood to Bridgewood. Although our original plan was to replace it, after seeing the beautiful, unobstructed view of the lake and thinking about all sorts of future possibilities, we’ve decided to postpone that decision for a season. After studying the practicalities of having just one bridge and listening to your feedback, we’ll make our decision. Let’s just say we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! In the meanwhile, it’s time to say goodbye…..



From The Chef

As many of you know, last year we rebuilt our kitchen from top to bottom and replaced it with a new layout and design. We’re very happy with the results and very glad that it’s over. We can laugh now about the stresses of such a massive renovation project, like waiting for new fridges to arrive…on opening day! I’ll admit that on occasion, I still turn right instead of left to find the vegetable fridge!

Canadians celebrate the harvest season by preserving fruits and vegetables for later use. Canning is always best when they are at their peak flavor. In the fall, our kitchen cans our plum sauce, mango chutney, smokey peach BBQ sauce, spicy chili sauce, tomatillo chutney, and finally cranberries, all of which will be used up next season.

We buy cranberries in bulk from the famous Johnson Cranberry Marsh in Bala, Ontario. Cranberries are a versatile condiment that go well with any poultry – whether it’s roast chicken for two or a traditional Christmas turkey for the family. I’ll be cooking goose as usual at my house for the holidays! For Arowhon’s cranberry sauce recipe, click here. It’s an easy recipe as the cranberries have all the pectin needed to set the sauce. Enjoy!

David Cooke



June in Algonquin Writing Retreat

Posted by Arowhon Friends on December 1, 2016

Friday, June 2 – Sunday, June 4, 2017

Or add an extra day and extend your retreat to Monday, June 5


Give yourself a weekend of writing time – a weekend of instruction, inspiration and creativity. Award yourself with time away from distractions, with no dishes to do and wonderful food at every meal, as you sit with your feet up and write in the most beautiful wilderness setting in Ontario. This is where the Group of Seven got its inspiration (Tom Thompson is buried just a couple of lakes over); it’s a wonderful place for you to find your inspiration, too.

Click here for more information


Paddling and Relaxing at an Algonquin Provincial Park Resort

Posted by Arowhon Friends on October 22, 2016