Re-live the Arowhon experience at home with our best-loved recipes. Let the tastes invoked by these recipes carry you back to peaceful moments in the great outdoors.

Arowhon Pines
Juicy Pork Back Ribs with Honey Barbecue Sauce

(We use for appetizers or as part of our barbecue)


6 lbs meaty pork back ribs

Marinating Sauce:

3 onions, peeled & chopped
2 Tbsp olive oil
48 oz canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes, peeled & seeded
1/3 cup soya sauce
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
1/2 cup honey
3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
1/8 tsp dried chilis or fresh hot peppers
1/2 tsp oregano

Sauce for Basting:

1 cup honey
1/2 tsp garlic, minced
1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup soya sauce
75 ml HP Sauce


  • Brown onions in olive oil.
  • Add rest of ingredients and simmer for 1 1/2 hours uncovered.
  • Check seasoning, puree, cool, and marinate ribs in sauce for 2-6 days, turning over daily. This will tenderize the ribs.
  • Combine basting ingredients. 
  • To blanche for bbq, cook in convection oven fan on 350 degrees for 25 minutes basting every 5 minutes, or until cooked. 
  • Optional: At this point we place ribs in a smoker and cold smoke for 1 hour, prior to placing on the BBQ grill.
  • BBQ on open flame charcoal grill 5 minutes per side, basting with sauce, until carmamelized and tender. 
  • Let cool to room temperature.
  • Cut ribs in pieces and toss with a bit of the sauce.

Bon Appetit!


Eggs Benedict on
Sour Dough English Muffins


Ingredients for Sour Dough English Muffins

For muffins with a tangy flavour and holey texture, we like to use white-flour sourdough starter. Our muffin recipe makes a large batch – they will stay fresh for two or so days, then wrap and freeze the leftovers.

10 x 4" Muffins


1 cup white flour sourdough starter,
stirred down before measuring at room temperature
1 tsp sugar
1 ½ large eggs
¾ cup milk, scalded, then cooled to 100 degrees
2 ½ cups all purpose flour, or as needed
1 tsp salt
2 tsp unsalted butter or shortening, melted
Poppy seed and cornmeal for sprinkling the baking sheets

Ingredients for Hollandaise Sauce

Important: Prepare no more than 15 minutes before serving

¼ cup shallots, chopped finely
¼ cup white wine vinegar
¼ cup white wine
1/8 cup lemon juice
2 large egg yolks
8 oz butter, clarified
2 T hot water
½ tsp salt

Method for English Muffins:

  1. In a large mixing bowl or the large bowl of an electric mixer, combine the starter, sugar, eggs, and milk.
  2. Gradually mix in all purpose flour, salt and beat thoroughly until an elastic batter the sponge is formed.
  3. Cover the bowl and set it in a warm spot until dough has doubled in bulk.
  4. Roll dough out to ¾" thickness and stamp out 3” rounds. Re-roll dough until it is completely finished. 
  5. Sprinkle cornmeal and poppy seeds liberally over a silicone paper lined baking sheet, place muffins on top, sprinkle top of muffins with cornmeal and poppy seeds. Let muffins rest in a warm place for 1-2 hours. 
  6. Grill at 350 degrees for 2 minutes a side until golden brown. 
  7. Bake at 325 degrees 8-10 minutes until cooked through. Cool and store until needed in airtight container in freezer.

Method for Hollandaise Sauce:

  1. Simmer to reduce white wine vinegar, shallots, lemon juice, and wine. Reduce to half volume. 
  2. Over just simmering water, beat eggs until they turn a lemon colour. 
  3. While whisking, add 1 T of hot water, then 2 oz of butter, to start the emulsification, then slowly add reduction and salt. 
  4. SLOWLY add butter while whisking vigorously, increasing the flow slowly until all the butter is incorporated. The sauce should turn a very pale yellow as the egg yolks cook, and thicken to a thick cream consistency. Correct final seasoning. 
  5. Finish with 1 T hot water (makes it last longer and stops it breaking). 
  6. Keep at about 100 degrees (not hotter than 110 degrees - and not colder than 90 deg) - over pot of hot water. 
  7. If it gets too cold or too hot, it will separate.



2 English muffin, homemade – fresh
4 slices Peameal bacon
4 Eggs
  Hollandaise sauce
1 fresh tomato, sliced 1 cm thick
2 T Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 T fresh basil, chopped
  Sea Salt, to taste


  1. Split English muffin in half and toast lightly on grill – as needed. 
  2. Slice peameal bacon 1/8" thick and cut to fit on muffin. 
  3. Quickly grill bacon to heat (do not overcook). 
  4. Poach eggs in simmering water with 1 T white vinegar - 3 minutes until soft poached. 
  5. Marinate tomato in oil and basil, grill 5 seconds a side. 


  • 2 halves English muffin, toasted 
  • 2 Peameal bacon, grilled until just done 
  • 2 Poached eggs Hollandaise sauce 
  • 1 slice grilled tomato 
  • Season to taste 



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Arowhon Pines Yorkshire Pudding

My favourite Yorkshire pudding story is from when I worked in England as a young chef. We had a rather arrogant and aggressive sous chef, who boasted to all who would listen that he made the best Yorkshire puddings, and no one could make them as well as he could. When he baked 350 of them for a banquet, he was so pleased with his results that he went off to get the Chef to boast to him about them. While he was gone we opened and slammed the oven door closed. When he returned with the chef, he opened the oven door, and there were 350 Yorkshire pancakes!

-- David Cooke

Yield – about 5


3 eggs, loose
60 grams flour, all purpose
145 mL 2 % milk
pinch salt, last minute
pinch nutmeg
50 mL Beef fat or oil


  • Mix eggs, flour and milk do not overbeat.
  • Let rest overnight refrigerated.
  • Stir in nutmeg, salt and pepper just before putting batter into pans.
  • Preheat hot kitchen convection oven to 325ºF
  • Lightly brush muffin pans with fat.
  • Heat pans in oven 5 minutes.
  • Take hot pans out and SHUT OVEN DOORS.
  • Place on a tray (to catch in case of spills)
  • Quickly pour 3 oz of very cold batter (or fill ¾) into every other.
  • Immediately replace pan in oven.
  • Bake for about 25 minutes, or until golden.
  • Once golden, turn off the oven and open door for five minutes, with the puddings inside, to dry the puddings out.
  • Serve with 1 teaspoonful of jus in each pudding.

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, CANADA


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Arowhon Pines British Roast Potatoes

No traditional British roast dinner is complete without Yorkshire pudding and potatoes roasted in beef fat! I first learned this recipe at Arowhon in 1986, and took it with me around the world! When I started these demonstrations my eldest son, Jacob, asked me why don't I demonstrate something useful that he can make, like Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes?

-- David Cooke

Serves 2


2 Russet potatoes, peeled and washed
400 mL Beef or Duck fat
1 T coarse Salt
1 T rosemary, chopped fine


  • Cut potatoes into 3 or 4 pieces, approx.5 cm diameter.
  • Round off any edges so that the potatoes will roll in the pan.- these should be 50 grs each.
  • Remove eyes with hand peeler
  • Steam or simmer for 10 minutes. Drain, and toss potatoes in the colander to “rough up” surface, this will make a crispier roast. When potatoes stop steaming, refrigerate.
  • In a roasting pan, pre-heat fat until 300 F, add potatoes
  • Do not crowd potatoes - leave room for rolling. Start browning potatoes on stovetop, and move to oven once started.
  • Sprinkle with coarse salt
  • Roast in regular oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes (without fan), gently shaking pan every 10 minutes, until cooked golden with a brown crisp on the outside and fluffy inside.
  • Remove from pan to drain, add rosemary and gently mix to coat potatoes.
  • Keep warm in low oven
  • Taste and check seasoning.

Serve immediately:

  • When serving with Yorkshire pudding, serve 1 potato (1 3/4 oz)
  • Regular serving is 2 x 1 3/4 oz

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, CANADA


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Arowhon Duck Confit for Two

With Roasted New Potatoes, Pear, Mango and Endive Salad With Plum Vinaigrette

For 2 People


2 duck legs with thighs, thigh bone removed and trimmed
1 bulb, garlic, split
3 sprigs rosemary, 4 inch 
1 T salt
1 cup duck fat

Yield 1 cup

2 red plums, stoned & quartered 
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
2 T granulated sugar
¼ cup  light brown sugar (packed)
1 T fresh ginger root, peeled & chopped
1 tsp  coarse (kosher) salt
1 tsp honey Dijon mustard
½ onion, diced
½ red pepper, roasted, peeled, and diced
To Roast a Pepper:
Grill on gas stove or barbecue until blackened
Move to a bowl and cover with saran wrap
10 minutes later, clean the pepper (it’s hot)
1 T  garlic, minced 
1 tsp cinnamon powder  
1 tsp  Chinese five spice 


4 new potatoes, red, washed split, turned 
¼ cup duck fat
1 tsp chopped rosemary
1 tsp  coarse sea salt
1 tsp chopped garlic


½ heads, frisee, cleaned (or microgreens)
1 pear, cored, quartered, sliced 1/8 inch
1 mango, peeled, halved, sliced 1/8 inch 
¼ cup edible flowers (optional)


2 T olive oil
2 T rice wine vinegar
½ cup Chinese-style plum sauce
2 T  fine diced shallots
1 tsp pureed garlic
  Salt to taste


For the duck: Macerate duck for 24 hours with garlic, rosemary, and ½ the salt. Preheat the oven to 225F. Melt the duck fat in a small saucepan. Arrange the duck and rosemary in a single snug layer in a high sided baking dish or ovenproof saucepan. Pour the melted fat over the duck (the duck pieces should be covered by fat). Add rest of salt, bring to a simmer on the stove, then place the confit in the oven. Cook slowly at a very slow simmer until duck is tender and can be easily pulled from the bone, 2-3 hours. Remove the confit from the oven. Cool and store the duck in the fat.

For the plum sauce: Sauté onion and garlic together until translucent, and add rest of ingredients. Bring to boil, covered, and simmer approximately 1 hour until all fruit is soft. Puree until smooth, strain, and chill.

For the potatoes: Combine all ingredients, mix well. Roast in small batches 10 minutes in 400°F oven or 375°F convection oven. Serve immediately.

For the vinaigrette: Combine all ingredients.

For the salad: Arrange ¼ head of washed frisee in the centre of plate, fronds out. Place mango and pear sliced around salad, top with flowers.

To present: To reheat duck, roast in 400°F oven or 375°F convection oven for 8 mins to crisp the skin, blot and present with frisee, mango and pear salad, with roasted new potatoes, and plum vinaigrette.

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, CANADA


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Arowhon’s Caramelized Apple Tart 


Serves 6


1 cup/238 g sugar 
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 lb/454 g Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and diced into 1/4 inch slices 
1 teaspoon  cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
½ cup/119 mL unsalted butter, melted 
4 sheets phyllo pastry


Make a slurry of the sugar with a small amount of water, add a few drops of lemon juice, and heat to a light caramel, there will be a visible color change.

Add apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Simmer until apples are cooked. Strain out apples and reserve.

Return caramel to a boil, and reduce to a thick syrup. Let cool.

Mix with apples. There will be approx. 3 cups of filling. Because the caramel will draw any remaining juice from the apples and thin the caramel out, let it rest for another 1/2 hour, then strain off the runny caramel and reserve it for sauce.

To assemble, pie brush one phyllo sheet with melted butter, lay another sheet on top, brush with butter again, and add another sheet. Repeat once more so there are 4 sheets together. Cut sheet into 6 x 6 inch / 15 cm squares.

Place the sheet in a muffin cup, lightly pressing the sides down the cup. In the center of the muffin coup, scoop ½ cup / 119 mL of pie filling, brush inside edges of sheet with butter, and bring the edges up around the filling to form a purse. Seal the purse at the top by lightly pressing the edges together.

Bake at 375° F/ 190° C until golden brown.

Remove tart from muffin cup, place on plate, add a little reserved caramel sauce and accompany with old cheddar (we use 6 year old Brittania from Quebec) or ice cream.


Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, CANADA
Summer 2014

Arowhon Pines Wild Rice, Orange & Cranberry Salad

We have been serving this recipe for 35 years. Recently, we added dried cranberries, apricots, fresh orange segments and mint – to keep it moist and provide more zing! Enjoy!

Makes about 2 cups OR 4 portions.


2 Tbsp orange juice concentrate
¾ cup wild rice, cooked
2 green onions, finely sliced
¼ cup raisins, plumped in hot water and dried
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp Marukan vinegar
1 tsp black pepper, coarsely ground
1 Tbsp fresh mint, chopped
  salt to taste
¼ cup dried cranberries
2 Tbsp slivered almonds, toasted
1 orange, peeled, in segments
¼ cup dried apricots, plumped and cut in half
2 Tbsp honey


Combine all ingredients well and let sit at room temperature for at least 1 hour. Correct seasonings. Serve at room temperature on a rimmed platter.

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park, CANADA
Summer 2014

Arowhon Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake

This recipe brings together two seasons: Spring's maple syrup and autumn's pumpkins.


2 cups graham cracker crumbs 
1 tsp ground ginger
1/3 cup unsalted butter, melted


1.25 kg cream cheese softened (5 x 250g packages)
250 ml sour cream
550 g granulated sugar
6 eggs
1/2 cup all purpose flour
250 ml fresh pumpkin puree*
1 tbsp vanilla
3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
125 ml pure maple syrup
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground allspice


To make the crust, in a medium bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs, ginger and butter.
Press into bottom of a 10 1/4 inch spring form cheesecake pan and put into freezer while
preparing the filling.

* To make the pumpkin puree, peel and seed the pumpkin and cut pie pumpkin into 2 inch
cubes. Steam for 15-20 minutes until fully cooked. Air dry for five minutes and either
thoroughly mash or puree in a food processor. Out of season, use canned pumpkin puree.

For the filling, in a large mixer bowl, beat cream cheese, sour cream and sugar on
medium-high speed for 5 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition.
Mix in flour, pumpkin puree, vanilla, lemon juice,maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. Pour batter over frozen crust.

Bake in a 325°F preheated oven for 65-75 minutes or until the top is light brown and the
centre has a slight jiggle to it. Cool on rack for two hours. Cover with plastic wrap and
refrigerate for at least 8 hours before decorating or serving.  Ice top of cake with classic whipped cream topping or pipe a border around the edge.

Helpful hint:  Add leftover pumpkin puree to bran muffin mix, or combine with yoghurt and honey for breakfast!

Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park, CANADA
Summer 2013

Trout Fillet For Two, with Corn & Orzo

The secret to this recipe is to use local trout and corn available in late summer. We serve it with roasted beets. You can go “gluten free’ by using rice flour and omitting the orzo.


2 5 oz trout fillets, bones removed and skin on
1 oz fresh tarragon, chopped
1 Tbsp fresh garlic, minced
2 oz dry white wine
1 tsp salt
½ cup all purpose flour
¼ cup coarse cornmeal
1 tsp paprika
2 oz bacon fat (traditional) or olive oil


  • Combine tarragon with garlic and wine to make marinade, pour over fish and let marinate for 20 minutes.
  • To make crust, combine salt, flour, cornmeal and paprika.
  • Pre-heat a non stick or cast iron frying pan over medium heat, add bacon fat or olive oil.
  • Pat fish dry and coat with cornmeal mixture.
  • Fry approximately 3 minutes per side until golden brown and just cooked.
  • Remove and pat dry.

Corn with Orzo Ingredients:

½ cup cooked orzo pasta (al dente)
1 fresh Peaches & Cream local corn cob
½ red pepper, seeds and stem removed
1 oz unsalted butter
1 Tbsp fresh mint, chopped
Pinch salt


  • Steam or boil the corn for 6 minutes, cool and cut kernels off the cob.
  • Grill the red pepper, skin side down, until skin has blackened. Cool, peel off blackened skin, and dice ¼”.
  • In a sauté or non stick frying pan, melt butter over medium heat.
  • Add corn, pepper and orzo.
  • Sauté until hot throughout, add fresh mint and season with salt.


  • Place half the corn and orzo onto the centre of the plate.
  • Cut fish into two and place on top of the corn and orzo.

Bon Appetit!

House Salad Dressing

Use this dressing on just about any salad combination: garden, pasta, potato, etc. The lively taste comes from the variety of fresh herbs used! 

Yield: 4 cups

Dry Mix:

3/4 cup Vadalia or sweet onion, coarse chopped
3 TB capers
3/4 cup Marukan season rice vinegar
1 TB Dijon mustard
3 TB garlic, roasted
3/4 cup Mixed freshly chopped herbs (dill, basil, oregano, parsley, summer savory)
  Salt, to taste
  Black pepper, freshly ground, to taste
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup olive oil extra virgin


  • Mix all dry ingredients with vinegar and mustard.
  • Blend with vertical blender until well chopped then slowly add oils.
  • Do not blend for long, must be thin not thick, just emulsified.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • If stored in the fridge, will keep for 3 weeks.
  • For an extra rich dressing, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil only.

Bon Appetit!

Afternoon Buttermilk Scones

Picture yourself enjoying these on our dining room verandah. You deserve it after a long day of canoeing and hiking!


3 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
2 ½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
¾ tsp salt
6 oz butter, unsalted, cold, cut into small pieces
1 TB grated orange or lemon zest
¾ cups small plump currants
¼ cup cranberries
1 cup buttermilk
2 oz butter, unsalted, melted, for brushing
¼ cup vanilla scented sugar, for dusting
  Parchment paper


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees (or 350 degrees fan high in convection oven) with racks in the middle.
  • Stir dry ingredients together in medium bowl.
  • Work in butter using fingertips, pastry blender or 2 knives, until mixture resembles coarse oatmeal.
  • Pour in buttermilk, add zest and dried fruit and mix with fork until ingredients are just moistened - you'll have a soft dough with a rough look. Don't over mix!
  • If it looks too dry, add 1 T buttermilk and knead briefly for about 12 turns.
  • Roll dough to a 1 inch thickness, and cut 2 inch rounds using a pastry cutter, place on parchment paper covered cookie sheets.
  • Brush with ½ melted butter amount, sprinkle with 2 T sugar.
  • Bake 6-8 minutes, until tops & bottoms are golden.
  • Transfer to racks to cool slightly.
  • Serve warm or room temperature. Delicious either on their own or with homemade jam!

Homemade Granola

Keeps well refrigerated in an airtight container for 2-3 months.

Yield: 10 cups

Dry Mix:

6 c organic rolled oats
1 c bran
1 c sunflower seeds
1 c wheat germ
1/2 c unsweetened coconut
1/2 c sesame seeds

Wet Mix:

1/4 c maple syrup
3/4 c canola oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 TB vanilla


2 oz walnuts (or other nuts of your choice), roughly chopped
1 oz raisins (washed & dried)
1 oz currants (washed & dried)

Ahead of Time:

All dried fruit comes sprayed with a preservative. It's most important to always run it under cold water, agitating the fruit until water runs clear, usually several times. Drain and place on towel. Roll up for awhile, preferably the day before. Unroll to finish the drying process, pat dry. P.S. The taste is worth the effort!


  • Combine dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
  • Combine wet ingredients in small saucepan, heat slightly and whisk thoroughly.
  • Mix wet into dry and combine well.
  • Spread thinly on cookie sheets.
  • Bake 30 minutes at 250 deg F, (or 220 deg F in a convection oven), remove from oven, stir, and add nuts and fruit.
  • Return to oven and bake 10 minutes longer or until golden.
  • Takes 40 minutes, including stirring & checking every 10 minutes.
  • Let cool and store in airtight containers. Serve with fresh yoghurt, fruit, and maple syrup!

Veggie (Pecan) Burgers

We serve these burgers as a vegetarian option at our summer barbecues by the lake.

Use a cast iron fry pan on the barbecue - they don't cook well on an open grill. Serve with a house-made toasted bun with hummus and the regular garnishes.  These burgers can also be cooked over the stove on moderate heat, using a cast iron or non-stick pan. They keep well in the freezer.


1 T olive oil
1 chopped onion
1 T finely chopped garlic - about 3 cloves
1/2 lb sliced cremini mushrooms (about 8-10)
1/2 c toasted pecan halves
1 c cooked brown basmati rice
1 c grated carrots
1 c multigrain breadcrumbs (about 3 slices)
Pinch salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 lightly beaten large egg
1 T chopped fresh parsley
1 T garlic olive oil


  • Lightly oil a cast iron fry pan and set aside.
  • Heat oil in a non stick skillet over moderate (medium low) heat until hot.
  • Add onions and garlic - sauté until onions are soft - about 3 minutes.
  • Add mushrooms - sauté until they are dry - about 5 more minutes.
  • Remove pan from heat.
  • In a food processor coarsely chop the pecans.
  • Add the rice, carrots and the sautéed onion mixture.
  • Pulse a few times until mixture has a mealy consistency and transfer it to a large bowl.
  • Add the breadcrumbs and mix well.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Stir in the egg.
  • Shape the mixture into 6 patties.
  • Grill on a lightly oiled cast iron fry pan on a barbecue grill - about 2 minutes per side, until golden brown.
  • Bon Appétit!

Clam, Mussel and Sweet Corn Chowder

Farm fresh organic corn and utilizing mussels Mariniere from the previous day's lunch makes this an outstanding soup.

Makes 8 x 8 ounce portions.


  butter, unsalted
1 cup Spanish onion, diced
1 cup red & green peppers, diced
1 tsp garlic, chopped
1/2 cup potatoes (diced small)
8 ears sweet corn, in season, peaches and cream, kernels removed — cobs and kernels reserved.
  salt and white pepper to taste
1 cup potato, raw, diced
6 cups fish stock (home made)
1/4 cup 35% cream
1 can baby clams, (19 oz cans, drained & clams reserved)
2-3 cups cooked mussels Mariniere, shelled with juices reserved
1 TB dill, fresh, chopped
1 TB coriander, fresh, chopped


  • Sauté in butter, over medium heat, the onions until translucent — then add peppers, garlic, small diced potatoes, and half sweet corn kernels. Sauté until tender.
  • Season with salt and white pepper. Reserve.
  • Place in a saucepan — other half of corn kernels, and cobs, the raw diced potatoes, the fish stock, cream and reserved shellfish juices.
  • Bring mixture to a boil over moderate heat, then reduce to low and simmer for 20 minutes or until corn is thoroughly cook. Remove from heat, remove cobs and puree. Strain.
  • Mix reserved vegetable with strained broth.
  • Add shellfish and bring to a boil.
  • Taste for seasoning. Add dill and coriander.

Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

This is a delicious dish to serve on a hot day (as well as using up ripe fruits that you may have on hand). Organic frozen strawberries are a good substitute out of season.


Serves 8 x 250 ml portions.

1 kg ripe cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, chopped
500 g fruit salad mixed fruits
500 ml apple juice
1 TB cinnamon
50 g mint
1 tsp tobasco
100-150 ml honey
3 TB lemon juice
  Zest of 1 orange


Puree cantaloupe and fruit in a food processor, strain to remove bits of skin and solids.

Add apple juice, cinnamon, mint and tobasco.

Add honey and lemon juice TO TASTE - amount needed will vary depending on the ripeness of the cantaloupe and fruit salad.

**If Cantaloupe is very ripe use more lemon and less honey. If cantaloupe is just ripe use less lemon and more honey.

Ladle into chilled soup bowls and garnish with orange zest.

For strawberry or blueberry soup follow the same method replacing the cantaloupe with strawberries or blueberries.

Note: Chill for 4 hours if possible. If late, put into freezer for an hour. Add garnish at last moment.

Marinated Flank Steak

For the past 25 years, we've been serving "comfort food" successfully - now it's fashionable - go figure!

Delicious baked in the oven, grilled or barbecued, it's the marinade ingredients that tenderize the steak and give it a bold flavor.

Serves 4.

The Marinade

(can be prepared in advance and keeps, refrigerated, for three weeks):

1 tsp garlic, minced
1 tsp black pepper, freshly ground
1/3 cup dry sherry
2/3 cup Japanese brewed soy sauce
1 oz fresh ginger, peeled and grated
4 Tbsp Dijon mustard

The Steak

  • 1 x 16-20 oz flank steak, trimmed of any excess fat, wiped with a wet cloth then a dry cloth


  • Combine marinade ingredients in a stainless steel or ceramic bowl and pour over steak. Marinate for 2 1/2 hours (no more), turning once.

To Cook:

  • Preheat grill or barbecue to moderate (350ºF) temperature and seal steak for five minutes on each side. Cook to desired degree of doneness OR bake in a 400ºF convection oven until medium rare, approximately 8 minutes.
  • Allow the steak to rest for five minutes before slicing.

To Present:

  • Slice steak very thinly across the grain and fan out slices on a dinner plate.

Serve with grilled vegetables, oven roasted beefeater potatoes and bordelaise sauce. In the summer, it's on our lakeside barbecue menu with a garden salad.

Potato, Leek & Onion Gratin

The potato mixture for this recipe can be prepared a day ahead before baking, then covered in plastic wrap and refrigerated. Bring the gratin to room temperature before baking. If you're lucky enough to have leftovers, they keep well for several days in the fridge. Serve with short ribs, grilled salmon steaks or just about anything.

Makes 6 - 8 servings.

2 1/2 lbs Large baking potatoes, about 4 1.25 kg
  Olive oil  
1/2 Large Spanish onion (about 10 oz/300 g), diced Half
1 Leek (about 10 oz/300 g), cut in 1/2" (1.5 cm) thick rings 1
2 tsp Crushed garlic 10 ml
  Salt & freshly ground black pepper  
1/4 cup 35% cream 50 ml
1/2 lb Whipped cream cheese 250 g
1 Large egg 1


1/4 cup Fresh (homemade) bread crumbs 75 ml
1/4 cup Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (Parmigiana Regiano is the very best) 75 ml
2 tbsp Butter, softened 50 ml
1 tbsp Chopped fresh parsley 15 ml

Scrub potatoes; dry well. Bake in 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) oven for 20 minutes. Quickly puncture potatoes a few times to release steam; bake for 20 - 40 minutes longer or until tender.

Meanwhile, in a skillet, heat oil over medium heat; cook onion and leek, stirring, for about 5 minutes or until softened. Add garlic; season with salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking until onions are tender but not browned.

Halve potatoes and remove pulp to large bowl; mash well. Mix together cream, cream cheese and egg, blend into potatoes. Stir in onion mixture and 1/2 the parsley. Season with salt, a liberal amount of pepper and a pinch of nutmeg to taste. Spread in 3-inch (8 cm) deep, lightly buttered 8-10 cup (2.0 l) round baking dish to make about 2-inch (5 cm) deep layer. Bake in 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) oven for 45 minutes.

Topping: Mix together bread crumbs, cheese and butter; sprinkle over potatoes. Bake for about 20 minutes longer or until golden brown. Garnish with the other half of the parsley.

Banana Cream Pie

There's enough pastry for 2" x 9" deep pie shells. We suggest you bake both and freeze one - for the inevitable repeat performance!

NOTE: Can be done ahead to ***


3 c pastry flour
4 oz unsalted butter, cut into 1/2" cubes, very cold
4 oz vegetable shortening, cut into cubes slightly bigger than the butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c iced water
2 tsp lemon juice
1 deep 9" glass pie plate


  • Blend flour, shortening, butter and salt in mixer or by hand until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
  • Add lemon juice and then gradually add enough water to hold dough together.
  • Wrap and chill 2 hours or up to 5 days.
  • Preheat regular oven to 400 degrees.
  • Line pie plate, handling pastry as little as possible.
  • Decoratively flute the edges and refrigerate about 1/2 hour.
  • Line shell with foil and pie weights and bake 20 minutes, remove foil and weights and bake additional 10 minutes or until golden. Cool.


1/2 c sugar
2 egg yolks
1/4 tsp salt
6 TB flour
3 c boiling homogenized milk
2 1/2 TB unsalted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla, pure
6-7 ripe bananas
  35% cream, whipped for garnish
1 TB apple juice
1/4 c apricot or peach glaze
  Crushed walnuts


  • Gradually beat the sugar into the egg yolks and continue beating for 2 to 3 minutes until the mixture is pale yellow and forms the ribbon.
  • Beat in the salt and flour.
  • Beating the yolk mixture, gradually pour on the boiling milk in a thin stream of droplets.
  • Pour into saucepan and set over moderately high heat.
  • Stir with wire whip, reaching all over bottom of pan.
  • As sauce comes to a boil it will get lumpy, but will smooth out as you beat it.
  • When boil is reached, beat over moderately low heat for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Be careful custard does not scorch in bottom of pan.
  • Remove from heat and beat in the butter, then vanilla. Chill.
  • If the custard is not used immediately, clean it off the sides of the pan, and dot top of custard with softened butter to prevent a skin from forming over the surface.



  • Slice about 2 1/2 bananas to cover the bottom and sides of pie shell.
  • Top with about 1 cup of custard.
  • Slice 2-3 more bananas, to cover custard and sides entirely.
  • Add remaining custard and smooth out the top.
  • Spread with a thin layer of whipped cream.
  • Mark 10 portions with a knife.
  • Slice rest of bananas crosswise into 10, 1/4" thick, long oval shapes and use one slice to cover each portion like "spokes of a wheel".
  • Warm glaze and juice just enough to make it spreadable and glaze each slice of banana lightly to prevent browning.
  • Pipe whip cream rosettes around the edges and sprinkle with the walnuts.

Arowhon Pines Cranberries in Red Wine


YIELD: About 1 Litre

1 lb fresh cranberries
1 lb sugar
2/3 cup dry red wine
Pinch ground cinnamon
1 tsp orange zest
1 tsp lemon zest
1 Tbsp orange juice
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 x 2 inch cinnamon stick


  • Pick over cranberries, removing stems and any shriveled berries.
  • Rinse under cold running water and drain.
  • Combine sugar and wine in non corrodible heavy saucepan; heat, stirring over medium heat to boiling. 
  • Stir in cranberries, cinnamon, orange and lemon zest and juices; increase heat to high. 
  • Heat, stirring until mixture returns to boil. 
  • Reduce heat to medium low; simmer, partially covered, stirring occasionally, until cranberries burst about 4-8 minutes.
  • Remove from heat; sauce will be runny. 
  • Let cool to room temperature.
  • Spoon cooled cranberry mixture into sterilized mason jars.
  • Store in refrigerator up to 2 months, or use canning process for longer storage.