Served three times daily, the Arowhon menu combines seasonal ingredients and international influences for meals that you will remember long after you leave.

We offer multiple tempting courses with every meal.

For families with young children, parents can have a peaceful adult meal on their own by signing their kids up for an early dinner option at 5:30PM followed by group babysitting until 8PM. Children’s menu options are available at every meal.

We can accommodate your special dietary requests including gluten free, dairy free and vegan meals, but you must let us know in advance. There is a vegetarian entrée at every meal.

Guests are invited to bring bottles of their own wine to enjoy alongside the food. We will uncork it in the dining room at no additional charge. Keep in mind that the nearest LCBO is a full 45-minute drive away.

Our menu changes daily and seasonally. If you wish to know the day’s entrées, please contact us in the morning.

The Arowhon kitchen makes all attempts to buy fresh and local when possible.

Open: June 11 - October 11, 2021