Now taking reservations for 2021!

Looking forward to better days ahead!


Update: October 2020

We are taking reservations for 2021 as usual.

Whatever the future holds, we will follow all provincial regulations. Rest assured, our careful planning will ensure we can keep everyone - staff and guests - healthy and safe.

We will communicate regularly.

Update: August 10th, 2020

Besides the masks – ugh – (and even those are becoming the norm), things are running smoothly at Arowhon Pines.

We’re extremely happy to have made the decision to operate at about one half capacity, keeping Arowhon smaller, quieter and even more peaceful.

We confess that it took a few weeks of back office arguing to get things in place; it felt like we were operating a whole new different hotel. We would like to assure you that the kinks have been ironed out and the place is humming.

Some information to share ….

The food out of the kitchen is delicious and plentiful like usual, despite no buffets, with some guests complaining that they are eating even more!

Guests don’t mind spending a couple of minutes daily tidying their room… who needs new towels twice a day? We’re exchanging soiled for clean towels and glasses daily.

The Welcome Booth in the parking lot is a big hit, with Jenna, Anne Marie and the bell staff welcoming everyone and taking luggage to the rooms.

If you haven’t seen Edward, make a point of saying hello to him early in the mornings or between shifts. He ensures that everything is cleaned and sanitized in the dining room.

Lucy continues to steal shoes off the verandah, with a particular penchant for flip-flops.

Space at the resort is limited for the rest of the season. We’ve made the difficult decision to suspend meal reservations for outside guests in 2020 – we’re so sorry. We are looking forward to a busy 2021 so please make your reservations soon!

Guests are canoeing, kayaking, playing tennis and swimming. We’re all enjoying the warm waters of Little Joe Lake, the sunsets from our verandah and the night sky full of stars. There are loons and moose and rabbits and beavers all around.

The beauty of Arowhon Pines and Algonquin Park has not changed.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Virtual hugs (not welcoming you with a hug is the hardest part!),
Theresa, David and Adam
and the Team at Arowhon Pines

Update: July 17th, 2020

As you may have heard, the Province of Ontario has begun to enter Stage 3 of its economic recovery.  That means that our dining room (with indoor seating) has reopened!   We’re jumping with joy!

All of us felt very lucky to be able to dine on the verandah during our first week of operation.  We thought it must be the best view in all of Canada.  We ate well, drank wine, watched the hummingbirds swoop and the sun set.  People were laughing and having pleasant table side conversations;  that more than made up for the couple of chilly and windy mornings! 

Now we’re ready to be back in our glorious dining roomwhich is why many of you choose to come to Arowhon Pines.  For your safety, the tables will be spaced for physical distancing,  our servers wear masks and there is lots of hand sanitizer for all.  

A note to all guests calling to book a table in our dining room:  We’re so sorry, but for now, because we are operating at one half capacity, we’ve suspended taking meal reservations from outside guests.  We look forward to welcoming you in the future.

Guests are swimming, sailing and canoeing.   We hope to see you soon!

Love and hugs,
Theresa, David and Adam
and the Team at Arowhon Pines

Update: July 9th, 2020

We’re open!

Welcome back! Our doors have finally opened for 2020 to family and friends and we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you to Arowhon Pines!

The moose are out, the birds are chirping and the kitchen is cooking with gas..

Of course there are new measures in place in order to ensure physical distancing in the cabins, around the grounds and for dining. At this time, without government approval to open up indoor seating, we are serving meals outside on the verandah or around the grounds, and in inclement weather, delivered to your cabins. All guests will be sent an updated package of information before they arrive. For inquiries, please give us a call for more information.

We are keeping a close eye on border restrictions for our international clientele travelling to Ontario; as they ease, we will look forward to welcoming you!

It’s exciting that we are finally open and guests are around the grounds canoeing, hiking, swimming, dining and relaxing. Some things don’t change.

Love ,

Theresa, David and Adam

And the Team at Arowhon Pines

June 6, 2020: Update from Arowhon Pines

We trust that you are all healthy and safe.

In Algonquin Park, the birds are chirping, the moose are out and the lake is warming up.

Ontario is slowly opening for business and we’re waiting for the Ontario government to open up restaurants. Some resorts have pivoted to opening as a hotel with take-out food for all meals, but we’ve decided to wait it out - our glorious dining room and food are two of the main reasons you come!

We’re crossing our fingers and toes for an opening date of July 9th, 2020. As soon as we can open, July 9th or shortly after, we’ll be shouting from the rooftops for you to visit!

When we do open, our careful planning will ensure we can keep everyone - staff and guests - healthy and safe. This will require your cooperation, understanding and kindness. Things will be different this summer, until restrictions ease and life returns to normal.

Some of the changes, at least at the beginning

Occupancy and Accommodation:

We will operate at one half occupancy - smaller, quieter and even more peaceful. A robust cleaning and disinfecting regime will be in place throughout the resort. Housekeeping will exchange soiled towels for clean daily, but not enter your rooms. For longer stays, we’ll do a complete clean on a selected day when you’re out enjoying the Park.


There will be a new style of service in the dining room – a table d'hote menu, with table spacing, our servers in masks, and one or two seatings as needed to maintain distancing.

Lunch will be picnic style, with open-air barbecues or take-out pack lunches, but no service in the dining room. This gives us time to clean and disinfect between breakfast and dinner.

Contact-less Check-in:

You’ll receive an email a couple of days prior to your stay asking you to verify your booking.

Your welcome to the Pines begins with a staff member who will greet you in our parking lot, and the bellmen who will transfer your luggage to your cabin.

Good Practices:

All the while, guests and staff alike will do their part by washing hands frequently, practicing good hygiene and physically distancing.

Guests With Reservations:

You’ll receive an information package prior to your arrival detailing the changes for this season. If you have booked prior to July 9th, we’ll contact you and help you book your visit a little later.

For Family Groups Booked at Arowhon Pines

We would be remiss not to highlight the health considerations around bringing a group of people together who have not been bubbled at home. We’re sure that this is on your mind as well. Although we believe that the number of people permitted to gather will increase in future, any uptick of Covid-19 cases in Ontario causes concern for family groups.

Some questions to consider:
Are all members of your family seeing each other now? If you are, are you following physical distancing practices, and wearing masks? We believe these guidelines are here to stay! If you’re not already together, are you all planning to isolate 14- days prior to coming to Arowhon? Are there seniors or anyone with high risk health issues in your party? These are the family members most vulnerable to viral infection, and it’s highly recommended that they do not travel, so as to stay healthy and safe. How do you picture your family’s get-together at Arowhon this summer? Will you be safe and healthy staying in the same cabin and eating together? Ontario rules may prescribe the number of people who can lodge together or sit at one table. Lastly, have you considered postponing the family gathering until 2021? Would you consider booking for next season - same rates – leaving your deposit or requesting a refund - and celebrate when conditions are safer and more secure?

Please do phone us to discuss options and anything we may do to assist.

To our friends from Europe and the USA

We have received many cancellations from guests outside of Canada. Many flights are being cancelled from Europe. The opening of the US-Canada border may be further delayed. If you’re holding onto your reservation on a wing and a prayer, consider booking later in the season when conditions are improved, or coming in 2021.

Again, please do phone us to discuss. We’re in the office!

Whatever you decide, it’s not all doom and gloom. Arowhon Pines and Algonquin Park are here today and will be here for you tomorrow. Please stay well until we see you.

Theresa, David and Adam
Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Park
(416) 483-4393 - (705) 633-5661 - (1 866) 633-5661


May 5, 2020: Covid-19 and Arowhon Pines

Arowhon Pines is still answering inquiries and taking reservations for the 2020 season.

At present though, we are unsure of our opening date and what guidelines are in store for us, as mandated by the Ontario government.

In order to be able to operate, we would need the Ontario government to open Algonquin Park, and “restaurants”.

It goes without saying that we will only open if we can keep workers and guests healthy and safe.

The new normal may include, at least in the earliest phases of Ontario’s recovery, operating at less occupancy, robust cleaning and disinfecting regimes at the resort and a new style of eating in the dining room -- table spacing, two seatings, servers in masks and gloves, all the while with guests and staff doing their part by washing their hands frequently, practicing good hygiene and physically distancing.

The peace and quiet of Arowhon Pines inside Algonquin Park, amongst the lakes, forests, wildlife and company of friends, will be a welcome retreat for us all.

We’ll keep in touch with more news as we come by it.

May 3, 2020: Spring Greetings from Algonquin Park!

We hope that you’re all snug, safe and healthy.

We wish we had more news to share. Like you, we’re glued to the media, waiting medical updates, and government decisions on opening Algonquin Park (closed until May 31,2020) along with “restaurants”. As of today, international tourists cannot enter Canada until the end of June, and our American guests cannot cross until mid-May. Ontario’s emergency declaration, in place since mid-March, has forbidden operation of non-essential businesses, or gatherings exceeding 5 persons. Even families, unless living under one roof, are not permitted to gather.

Our wish is to open only if we can keep workers and guests healthy and safe. As we wait developments, our team is putting together plans for a modified - but equally fabulous - guest experience at Arowhon Pines this summer.

Here are some aspects of our planning to date – all subject to change:

It’s not unreasonable to think that most of June might be cancelled this season. We’re crossing our fingers for a late June / early July opening. Many of you with spring reservations have already called to inquire. In the coming two weeks, we’ll be personally contacting everyone who has booked a room in June.

This is daunting and challenging, but also doable. Let’s keep in mind that things will change in a month, then change again. Rest assured that we’ll go above and beyond the requirements to keep everyone healthy, while providing a marvelous guest experience fitting for the times! If you’d like to talk about your reservation, or want to comment on anything specifically, please feel free to contact us by email at or let us know if we can give you a call.

We cannot imagine a season without you. The peace and quiet of Arowhon Pines, and Algonquin Park, amongst the lakes, forests, wildlife and company of friends, will be a welcome retreat for us all. We’ll keep in touch with more news as we come by it. Until then, stay well!

P.S. For a glimpse at what Arowhon Pines looked like this past week, untouched from the winter months, watch our short movie: Spring 2020 Arowhon Pines. We hope too that you’ve had the chance to watch Cooking Class with David Cooke.

Love from Arowhon Pines,
Theresa, David and Adam

May 2020 - Posting to Website To All Guests of Arowhon Pines

First and foremost, we hope you are safe and healthy, and staying at home (if you can).

To all front line people – medical professionals, grocery store workers, truckers, etc.- thank you for literally keeping our lives going during this terrible time. To those who have lost loved ones, our hearts break with you.

Let us all remind ourselves that investing in physical distancing now will help make the summer a return to normalcy. The Coronavirus COVID-19 and world-wide response to it is challenging all of our daily lives, both personally and in business.

We want to assure you that we’re confident Arowhon Pines can meet and best these challenges. Currently, Arowhon Pines is on for the summer. We will continue to work and to plan for opening and running a terrific 2020 season in beautiful Algonquin Park. At the same time, we know that we need to be light on our feet.

At this time, we cannot predict what is going to happen in the next few months. What we can do is to keep abreast of the news and communicate with you regularly and honestly.

So let’s keep in touch through these coming weeks and months. We would love to hear from you and how you are doing. Let us know that you are well...


Theresa, David and Adam and all the Team at Arowhon Pines