May 5, 2020: Covid-19 and Arowhon Pines

Arowhon Pines is still answering inquiries and taking reservations for the 2020 season.

At present though, we are unsure of our opening date and what guidelines are in store for us, as mandated by the Ontario government.

In order to be able to operate, we would need the Ontario government to open Algonquin Park, and “restaurants”.

It goes without saying that we will only open if we can keep workers and guests healthy and safe.

The new normal may include, at least in the earliest phases of Ontario’s recovery, operating at less occupancy, robust cleaning and disinfecting regimes at the resort and a new style of eating in the dining room -- table spacing, two seatings, servers in masks and gloves, all the while with guests and staff doing their part by washing their hands frequently, practicing good hygiene and physically distancing.

The peace and quiet of Arowhon Pines inside Algonquin Park, amongst the lakes, forests, wildlife and company of friends, will be a welcome retreat for us all.

We’ll keep in touch with more news as we come by it.

May 3, 2020: Spring Greetings from Algonquin Park!

We hope that you’re all snug, safe and healthy.

We wish we had more news to share. Like you, we’re glued to the media, waiting medical updates, and government decisions on opening Algonquin Park (closed until May 31,2020) along with “restaurants”. As of today, international tourists cannot enter Canada until the end of June, and our American guests cannot cross until mid-May. Ontario’s emergency declaration, in place since mid-March, has forbidden operation of non-essential businesses, or gatherings exceeding 5 persons. Even families, unless living under one roof, are not permitted to gather.

Our wish is to open only if we can keep workers and guests healthy and safe. As we wait developments, our team is putting together plans for a modified - but equally fabulous - guest experience at Arowhon Pines this summer.

Here are some aspects of our planning to date – all subject to change:

It’s not unreasonable to think that most of June might be cancelled this season. We’re crossing our fingers for a late June / early July opening. Many of you with spring reservations have already called to inquire. In the coming two weeks, we’ll be personally contacting everyone who has booked a room in June.

This is daunting and challenging, but also doable. Let’s keep in mind that things will change in a month, then change again. Rest assured that we’ll go above and beyond the requirements to keep everyone healthy, while providing a marvelous guest experience fitting for the times! If you’d like to talk about your reservation, or want to comment on anything specifically, please feel free to contact us by email at or let us know if we can give you a call.

We cannot imagine a season without you. The peace and quiet of Arowhon Pines, and Algonquin Park, amongst the lakes, forests, wildlife and company of friends, will be a welcome retreat for us all. We’ll keep in touch with more news as we come by it. Until then, stay well!

P.S. For a glimpse at what Arowhon Pines looked like this past week, untouched from the winter months, watch our short movie: Spring 2020 Arowhon Pines. We hope too that you’ve had the chance to watch Cooking Class with David Cooke.

Love from Arowhon Pines,
Theresa, David and Adam

May 2020 - Posting to Website To All Guests of Arowhon Pines

First and foremost, we hope you are safe and healthy, and staying at home (if you can).

To all front line people – medical professionals, grocery store workers, truckers, etc.- thank you for literally keeping our lives going during this terrible time. To those who have lost loved ones, our hearts break with you.

Let us all remind ourselves that investing in physical distancing now will help make the summer a return to normalcy. The Coronavirus COVID-19 and world-wide response to it is challenging all of our daily lives, both personally and in business.

We want to assure you that we’re confident Arowhon Pines can meet and best these challenges. Currently, Arowhon Pines is on for the summer. We will continue to work and to plan for opening and running a terrific 2020 season in beautiful Algonquin Park. At the same time, we know that we need to be light on our feet.

At this time, we cannot predict what is going to happen in the next few months. What we can do is to keep abreast of the news and communicate with you regularly and honestly.

So let’s keep in touch through these coming weeks and months. We would love to hear from you and how you are doing. Let us know that you are well...


Theresa, David and Adam and all the Team at Arowhon Pines