Un-rough it in Algonquin Park

It's time for Arowhon Pines. Time to reconnect with what matters. To sit back and listen to your heart. To be inspired by nature. Time for that great book. Time to paddle an empty lake. Shaped naturally by the hills, lakes, and streams of Algonquin Park, Arowhon is just imperfect enough to be amazing. Amazing people, amazing food, warm fires. 

Arowhon is a living place full of personality – we offer authenticity, hospitality, and respect. We offer the simple elegance of comfortable, rustic accommodation, good food made from quality local ingredients, prepared with love, and the “luxury” of peace and tranquility in the wilderness where you can spend time with a moose, listen to a loon, canoe, swim and relax. We look forward to welcoming you.   


~ Your Friends at Arowhon

Open: May 28 - October 11, 2021


Arowhon Quick Guide

  • All-inclusive. We offer family vacations, romantic getaways, family celebrations and weddings for up to 100 people
  • Peace & quiet, 8 km off the main road - no motor boats, no highway traffic
  • Three meals per day included with your stay - served in our heritage lakeside log dining room. Food, made from scratch using quality local ingredients, prepared with love by a team of chefs.
    WHERE TO EAT IN CANADA: “the food, which is without question the best in memory." Read full review.
  • Comfortable accommodation in log cabins along the lakeshore
  • All recreational facilities included – canoe/kayak a chain of lakes, hike trails to see moose, sail, swim in the lake, SUP, play tennis, relax 

Update: February 2021

We’re an optimistic bunch at Arowhon Pines and going by the number of reservations received in the last month, we think that you’re all optimistic as well! We look forward to seeing you again!

With one successful Covid-19 season already in our pocket - and by success we mean that we all remained safe and healthy - we’ve started talking plans for 2021. We’ll be light on our feet of course, and as regulations change, so will we. Your patience and support is appreciated as we navigate those changes. In February, it’s difficult to predict what is in store. It would seem relying on the vaccine to solve all problems for this season would be unwise. Instead, again, we’ll rely on the common sense basics that we’ve all been following. We wear masks, we socially distance, we wash our hands and we keep our bubble small.

The number of people we accommodate at the resort and in our dining room is to be determined. Last year, we chose to operate at one-half capacity to keep the resort small and safe. We booked half our rooms. We offered one seating per meal, with our tables well spread out, and replaced buffets with a la carte menus. Soiled linens were exchanged for new, and cleaning routines were heightened around the grounds, in the cabins and dining room. We expect these practices to be repeated this season.

For now, we remain status quo. There are months to go before we will know anything. When will we be allowed to open? Will there be indoor dining? How many people can gather? Will the borders open? Will your family gathering have to be postponed until 2022? All of this means different things to our many guests already booked. At this point in time, like everyone else, we wait for the cases to decrease and the nice weather to allow us to spend more time outside.

Questions or concerns? Theresa and Adam are available at any time if you wish to discuss.

Operating a resort in a pandemic requires patience. There is no room at the inn for negativity as we move forward into the unknown. A reminder that deposits are fully refundable if we do not open, or have to modify your reservation.

One thing is for certain. Let’s do everything we can now, so we can be together again. Look forward to a swim in the lake, a paddle at dawn before breakfast, and seeing a moose on the trail.

“Keep looking up! That’s the secret of life.” (Snoopy)

Theresa, David and Adam
And the Team at Arowhon Pines