Un-rough it in Algonquin Park

It's time for Arowhon Pines. Time to reconnect with what matters. To sit back and listen to your heart. To be inspired by nature. Time for that great book. Time to paddle an empty lake. Shaped naturally by the hills, lakes, and streams of Algonquin Park, Arowhon is just imperfect enough to be amazing. Amazing people, amazing food, warm fires. 

Arowhon is a living place full of personality – we offer authenticity, hospitality, and respect. We offer the simple elegance of comfortable, rustic accommodation, good food made from quality local ingredients, prepared with love, and the “luxury” of peace and tranquility in the wilderness where you can spend time with a moose, listen to a loon, canoe, swim and relax. We look forward to welcoming you.   


~ Your Friends at Arowhon

Open: June 25 - October 11, 2021


Arowhon Quick Guide

  • All-inclusive. We offer family vacations, romantic getaways, family celebrations and weddings for up to 100 people
  • Peace & quiet, 8 km off the main road - no motor boats, no highway traffic
  • Three meals per day included with your stay - served in our heritage lakeside log dining room. Food, made from scratch using quality local ingredients, prepared with love by a team of chefs.
    WHERE TO EAT IN CANADA: “the food, which is without question the best in memory." Read full review.
  • Comfortable accommodation in log cabins along the lakeshore
  • All recreational facilities included – canoe/kayak a chain of lakes, hike trails to see moose, sail, swim in the lake, SUP, play tennis, relax 

Update: May 26th, 2021



We’re approaching the opening of our 2021 season and our team is returning “home” to Algonquin. We’re raking, painting, dusting and menu tasting – busy as beavers, sprucing everything up for your holiday! We’re excited to be welcoming you soon.

Looking back at 2020, we’d like to thank all our guests for their tremendous support. Despite a shortened season last year, we operated safely with no cases and no transmissions of Covid-19. We hope and trust that 2021 will be the same.

Our international guests deserve a special round of applause. You’ve supported us by deferring your 2020 trips to 2021 - and if needed, we might have to ask you to do the same for another season. We’ve missed you and are counting the days until we see you again!

Thank you to our Canadian guests who travelled to us last summer when so little was known about the pandemic. For most of you, Arowhon Pines was the only place you ventured outside of your home. We were honoured by your trust in us. Your patronage kept our staff members employed, not to mention our local farmers and suppliers, town hardware stores, gas stations and more!

We’re grateful, too, to the governments of Ontario and Canada for their support through wage subsidies. While it’s easy to complain, and for sure there are things that “coulda/shoulda” gone better, we don’t envy having to make their decisions!

Opening Date 2021 

After much discussion, we’ve decided to delay our opening again until
June 25th, 2021.  

From June 25th to July 26th, 2021, we can only offer OUTDOOR DINING (according to the Province of Ontario regulations) with a maximum capacity of 4 people per table, increasing to 6 people per table after July 5th. We’re REALLY hoping that indoor dining might be allowed to open sooner as more Canadians are vaccinated. 

If you are a regular guest, Arowhon Pines will be different during this time, but you know we’ll work hard to provide you with a fabulous dining experience. If this is your first time, you will love the food and setting and you’ll be back! 

We’re finalizing our plans now as to how all of this will work. We envision breakfast and dinner served outside on the dining room verandah and on picnic tables with umbrellas by the lake, with one or two seatings as needed, tables spaced apart 2 metres, hand sanitizer on the tables and servers in masks. Lunch will be a mixture of creative, delicious take-out (perhaps a bison burger with homemade chips or fresh rolled sushi), “served” BBQs and packed lunches for those on a day trip. 

Dining al fresco is absolutely lovely when conditions are fine – the food really does match the view! There can be inclement weather however, a chilly morning or stormy evening. We’ll be light on our feet – as you will need to be too! During these times, we may open dining service to include all cabins with screened in porches and the Games Room verandah. Absolutely no food will be allowed in the rooms; this is a wilderness resort – let’s not invite the wild animals indoors.  

Some of you might not feel thrilled with outdoor dining. Our dining room is spectacular and for many, this is the reason to come! We will not be offended if this is not your cup of tea. If you wish to postpone until later in the season or to 2022, we understand. Please let us know sooner rather than later so that we can offer your space to others waiting.  

Operating a resort in a pandemic requires your patience. This is new for us and there will be some hiccups. Thank you for understanding. 

International Travel  

We are listening to what the governments are saying about international travel not resuming soon; there are suggestions that it will resume in the autumn or winter. 

If you’re booked in July and August, we’ll be contacting you to discuss moving your dates once again, perhaps to a later date or into next summer. For those guests booked in the fall, we will be on pins and needles waiting for news on when the border will reopen to non-essential travel without restrictions. 


A number of family groups have booked a reunion during the season. According to the Roadmap to Reopening Ontario plan, only 5 people are allowed to gather indoors until July 26th, 2021. After that, it is not clear what the restrictions will be.  

We will be contacting you in the coming weeks.  

Arowhon Pines Capacity

Arowhon Pines’ legal capacity is 120 people. We’ve made the decision to book 60 to 70 people at Arowhon Pines in 2021, a little bit more than one half of our capacity. This is to keep Arowhon smaller and safer. We’re working like mad this spring to add screened porches to all the smaller cabins which basically doubles the area of shared space. There is plenty of space for guests to enjoy Algonquin Park.


If you’re looking for space after July 26th, 2021, you might not find anything right now. All of our family accommodation is booked, as are our private and 2 Bedroom Cabins.

If you are looking for a week-long stay, send us an email with preferred dates; we are keeping an active wait list and will contact you if there are cancellations. For shorter bookings, visit our home page (www.arowhonpines.ca) frequently where we will update our availability. For now, we have suspended our on-line reservations system.


By the time we open, the team at Arowhon Pines will, like you, have received their first jab. Throughout the season, we will be scheduling our second shots at a local venue. In the workplace, we self-screen daily, report a trip away from “home” (our staff agree to stick to our bubble as much as possible), practice social distancing, wear masks and other PPE, and wash or sanitize hands often.

Our goal, besides offering a wonderful holiday inside Algonquin Park, is to keep everyone, staff and guests, healthy and safe.

We wish to thank each and every one of you for supporting us during these ever changing times.

See you soon!

Theresa, David and Adam
And the Team at Arowhon Pines





As at June 7th, 2021
(Subject to change)

Private Cabins for 2 Adults
(king size bed, bathroom, lounge with fireplace, deck and screened-in porch)

2 Bedroom Cabins for Up to 4 Adults
(2 bedrooms each with bathroom, lounge with fireplace, deck and screened-in porch)

One Room in a 2 Bedroom Cabin for 2 Adults
(private bedroom and bathroom, shared lounge, deck and screened-in porch with another couple – all shared areas are reconfigured for your safety)

3 Bedroom Cabin
(3 bedrooms each with bathroom, lounge with fireplace, deck and screened porch)