Open May 29 - October 12, 2015

About Us

At Arowhon, you will find an Algonquin escape with just enough rough edges to be genuinely Canadian and just enough soft cushions to provide the peace, relaxation and comfort you’re seeking. A small, summer resort nestled inside Algonquin Park, it’s a place where life becomes less complicated. Shaped naturally by the hills, lakes and streams of the surrounding wilderness, here you will enjoy simple pleasures- savory, fresh food in a beautifully natural setting and a warm friendly welcome.

Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones in the Canadian north.

Find your inner peace. Outdoors.

Arowhon History

The story of Arowhon Pines began in 1938 when Lillian Kates decided to build accommodation for parents visitng their children at the nearby camp. The drive from Toronto took almost half a day; add a boat trip up Canoe Lake, a portage around Joe Lake Dam and another boat ride up Joe Lake; it was a full day’s travel from the city.

The nature of the location demanded log buildings. It took nearly two years for two local woodsmen, Jack and Paul Luckasavitch, working with a team of horses on the site, to collect and hew the necessary logs. The hand notched corners of the dining room exemplify their extraordinary skill. They did not have power tools, chain saws or even electricity in those days. The great steel chimney in the dining room came up from Toronto in two pieces, by railway to the end of Joe Lake, and was then towed up the lake on a barge and hoisted into place with a homemade ‘gin pole’ and a small hand winch.

In 1970, Lillian Kates retired at age 80. Helen and Eugene Kates thought “it would be fun to run a summer resort in Algonquin Park”. They found it to be a magnificent setting that had not been properly completed or well maintained; little did they realize the enormity of the challenge they had undertaken in refurbishing, reorganizing and finally rebuilding the old accommodations and kitchen. They soon realized that a seasonal kitchen in the wilds of Algonquin would need a special approach to meet their culinary standards. Adapting to the logistics of an out-of-the-way seasonal resort, Arowhon’s own recipes and menus were developed to offer the fresh, quality meals that are served in the dining room today.

People have come to know Arowhon for delivering peaceful comfort, fine cuisine and a warm welcome in the woods of Algonquin Park.